Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Babies & More! September 2014

I have to say, every time I put together a blog post I'm reminded of all that I have to be grateful for. Without the blog I don't think I'd put aside time to reflect on what I've done in the past month, but I think it's really healthy.  

Anyway, our friends moved back to Hawaii! Aaron grew up with Makana and I met Emily way back when I met Aaron. They have 3 kids now - fun fact, their family has the same birth order and age difference as me and my siblings! If they have another girl in 3 years it will be exactly the same :) The two older ones are water babies and the real baby is just so fun for me to hold!

We watched the sunset at Sharks Cove and we were not disappointed - we were also treated to a pretty rainbow.
Aaron's brother David came from Big Island with his family for their younger brother Ammon's mission farewell. David's son and daughter are about the same age as my sister's kids! Kekoa is their gorgeous smiling son on Aaron's lap. Seriously this baby is an angel. I just loved soaking him in for 3 days straight. I'd just hold him while he was sleeping and watch him smile when he was awake. He is so cute!!

Aaron with his nieces and nephews
Model baby, right?!
Ava is my little princess niece. We have fun together. She picked me this lovely plumeria to wear :)
We said our goodbyes to Ammon at the airport. He is currently at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT practicing Spanish for his 2 year LDS mission in Mexico! We will miss him.
Aaron actually ended up flying to Utah to drop Ammon off with his parents and sister. They had a great time eating tons of food and facetimed me right before he was going to leave :)
On a lighter note, we also took out our board and I tried a back-bend on it for the first time. It actually was pretty easy. I'm going to have to try a few other tricks.
We also stopped by the mountains to take a few shots. We drive by them all the time, but the lighting was just drawing us in to take a picture!
I got hydroflask water bottle - it keeps whatever is inside hot or cold for a super long time, and it doesn't sweat. It's perfect for the beach. We also bought a Ninja blender and found acai mix at Costco. Aaron perfected the acai bowl and it's my favorite snack after spending time in the sun.
As you know, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus came out in September. Aaron wanted to get the 6 plus off the bat, I on the other hand, wasn't sure. I decided that I had to hold both in my hands to decide. So we went to the Verizon store super early in the morning on opening day. We were one of the first people in line. After holding the 6 and 6 plus I decided to get the 6 plus. It's bigger, but not unmanageable. Within 24 hours I was 100% used to the size and the 5 seemed like a baby phone, haha. I really love it!

The BIG news in September is that my sister had her baby! We didn't know if it was a boy or girl - and it was a girl! Her name is Lana Mae (cute, right?!). She was born on Sunday morning so I planned to go visit her the next weekend. I left Hawaii Friday afternoon, and I got to Virginia Beach Saturday evening. Flying standby is always risky... I got there later than I planned, but at least I got there (and for pretty cheap!). My parents and brother & family were at my sisters when I arrived. It was nice seeing everyone!! I got to hold Lana for hours :) I spent all day Sunday with her and left on Monday morning. I love that I can leave last minute to see my newborn nieces and nephews. I've seen the last 5 who were born (3 on my side and 2 on Aaron's) within a week thanks to my flight benefits. I love newborns especially because they're so small and cuddly and just sleep, haha.
I got Lana a pack of headband bows that I thought were so cute!!
I love holding babies hands!
She looked so cute in the little onesie I got her :)
So tiny!!
Here's a short video I put together:

So I know I've raved about 3 different babies in this post... but I really love them all. And no, we're not quite ready to have one of our own yet!

Last thing - we saw the US Navy Blue Angels perform at the airshow in Honolulu this past weekend and it was a blast! They choreographed their routine to different songs and it just blew Aaron and I away. I shot and edited this video on my iPhone 6 plus. Make sure to watch in 1080p and enjoy!!

Here's a few photos Aaron got during the 45 minute demonstration:
Me and Captain Tom Frosch of the Blue Angels
Until next time, alooooha!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweet Summertime

July 2014 - Since my last post in mid-July we've taken our SUP board out a few more times. We went to Ala Moana and stuck my phone in the watershot housing and got some nice pics. We also took it to Waimea bay with the GoPro at Sunset, and one of Aaron's buddies was there too and snapped a couple pics, including me jumping off the rock. It's been very fun so far!
I also got more into make up and hair after following some beauty bloggers. I picked up an eyebrow pencil for the first time and I'm loving the results!

August 2014 - Aaron and I saw Jack Johnson preform at the Waikiki Shell. We sat on the lawn and it was very relaxing and a nice date night. It was my first time seeing him live. I don't remember exactly when I figured it out, but I didn't always know that he was from Hawaii. He still lives on the north shore, and I think it's fun to support local artists who've made it so big. We were lucky to get tickets at all because his concert sold out so quickly, he even added another show that sold out. I'm glad we went. 

The next weekend we escaped the hurricanes and went to Seattle! I hadn't spent time there before and was excited for the long weekend trip. We got a super good rate at the hotel by the airport (love airline perks). They had nice public transportation we used the first day. We ate some delicious local donuts for breakfast and then went to the tallest building in Seattle called the Columbia Center to check out the view. We got up close and personal with the Space Needle, found a cool magenta wall on the EMP (Experience Music Project) designed by Frank Gehry, and hung around the International Fountain at the Seattle Center.

Aaron's cousins live just outside of Seattle, so we took a ferry ride across the bay to see them. It was a nice ride. For some reason I didn't picture Seattle this way. It was sunny, blue, and gorgeous. It was nice seeing the cousins and their families. We had a delicious homemade street taco dinner at Aaron's cousin Kanoe's place and went out for frozen yogurt for dessert :)
The next day we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some essentials (milk chocolate peanut butter cups and petite cocoa baton cookies), and got Chipotle for lunch. Then I got all made up to go to, what? Only the TENTH ROW of the Bruno Mars concert at The Gorge! Haha. Free flights really come in handy when you want to see a touring musician ;) The venue was a couple hours from Seattle, and I'm amazed that they get artists to come all the way out there. It's in a canyon with the Columbia River behind it - very picturesque. The drive there was nice - evergreens as far as the eye could see. The pacific northwest offers a different kind of beauty, and I enjoyed it.
There was a little bit of traffic to get parked, and a little walk from the grass field we parked on to the entrance, but it was a nice night and I brought slippers (flip flops) and ended up not wearing my heels. So glad I brought them! We got to the venue around sunset. There we SO many people there and we got to get right up to the stage!!  It's a totally different experience being up close - you just look into the eyes of the performers, and don't pay as much attention to all the effects going on. When you're farther back, all you can see are the effects. It's like a completely different show.
Also... since we were flying in from Hawaii and Bruno and his brother Eric (the drummer) are also from Hawaii, I was planning on bringing them lei's to the concert as a little greeting/congratulations from home. I figured we'd be close enough to get them on stage. But since Aaron and I were rushing around like crazy and actually left a day earlier than originally planned to try and avoid the hurricanes, I didn't have time. So, when we were at Trader Joe's and I saw a bouquet of roses for only $5.99, I couldn't say no! During his last song (before the encore) I sweet talked 2 security guards to let me through to the front row. I held the flowers in my hand and waived them above my head, shouting, "Bruno!" Haha, such a fan girl moment. I'd never done that kind of thing before, but I just really like his voice and performances and the fact that writes all his own stuff and he overcame a ton of racism in the industry to get to where he is... and that he's from Hawaii of course. Anyway, he looked down at me and smiled extra big. I was thinking, wow, I made Bruno smile. HAHA! There was a security guard between me and Bruno so he took the flowers from me and Bruno grabbed it from him. It was fun.
Loved "Gorilla" as his last song in his encore
Aaron had his GoPro and I was taking clips with my phone (though I intentionally made it a point to only take clips, and not record entire songs, so I could enjoy it and really be in the moment). I put all the clips together and made a rough cut video that ended up being over 25 min long! Haha. I doubt anyone will watch the whole thing, but I uploaded it so it's there if ever I feel so inclined to watch it again :)

Aaron was a champ driving home after the show, we were both pretty tired. Luckily we found an IHOP along the way back and had a meal that really hit the spot.

A few days after we got home from Seattle, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Boy does time fly by when you're having fun. We kept our tradition and went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner for the 4th year in a row. It's our hands down favorite steak. We went to the early bird special and got appetizers, sides, and dessert with our steak for a really good deal! Which also makes us happy. Aaron was sweet and got me roses, and I had fun looking at wedding photos and re-watching our wedding video.

Until next time.... ALOOOOOHA!