Tuesday, August 31, 2010

why haven't they blogged about their wedding yet?

This seems like the first chance I've had to breathe since we left Utah on August 6th. And it's August 31st. Wow. I will have to do individual posts later about the significant events that have occurred during the past few weeks.

1) Bridal shower in Maryland
2) Getting married in the washington dc temple
3) Ring ceremony and reception in Maryland
4) Taking the family around Oahu
5) Reception on Oahu
6) Honeymoon

For now, I will begin with the most recent news. Aaron's tooth! He chipped off a large part of one of his smaller molars a few months ago. With no dental insurance we did nothing about it. Aaron's sister Diane works for a dentist here in Honolulu, so she kindly set up and appointment for Aaron-- her dentist treats family members for *free* What was thought to be an appointment for an ordinary filling turned out to be the beginning of a 3 week long route canal. A couple of days before we left for our honeymoon on neighboring island Kauai the dentist pulled the nerve out of Aaron's infected tooth and put in a temporary filling. We learned that if we were to pay for a root canal on our own it would cost over $2,000, but if he had it done here in Hawaii we would only have to pay for the lab fees, maybe $200. We didn't find out when Diane's dentist would have time to see Aaron to finish his route canal until the last full day of our honeymoon! I called work last minute and got the ok to work online from Hawaii, we quickly changed our flights to leave honolulu two weeks after we had originally planned! Today Aaron saw the dentist again, and he took a mold of his tooth, next week they will be capping it. We are so blessed to have access to this dentist basically for free! Also, Aaron has had minimal pain. I'd love to post some pictures but I don't have my computer to upload them onto... keep an eye out though, I might be able to get some from Aaron pretty soon!!

so yeah, that's why! :)


  1. I wanna hear all about your Hawaiian adventures and see some pictures from the reception over there! Bless Aaron and that tooth of his! Yikes.

  2. Love it! Sounds like an amazing trip so far...