Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warning: This will get stuck in your head.

Aaron and I have been really enjoying this song lately. Please watch it if you haven't already.

This is for real, this guy was on the news and these guys contacted him to create this song. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

August 6 - August 12 : MARYLAND, before the wedding.

August 6, 2010. Aaron and I arrive in Maryland from Utah. A few hours later Liz arrives from London. It was so good to see Mom and Dad again! And though I had just seen Liz a few months before, it seemed like it had been awhile. Liz and I hurried upstairs and looked through all her souvenirs and gifts she had purchased. She got Aaron a cool patterned dark purple skinny tie, and I got the latest-and-greatest fashion trend in London... Jeggings! Haha. Haven't worn them yet, but maybe I'll post a picture at some point. She also got me some Bridal lingerie and a necklace.

August 7, 2010.
That's well over a month ago. My mom, Megan (soon-to-be-sister-in-law), and Melissa (sister) helped plan a bridal shower for me the weekend before the wedding. This was very kind of them considering Liz, Diana, and Emily planned a bridal shower for me as well, here in Utah, a couple months prior.

There were cute bridal decorations:

A bunch of delicious food:

(only some pictured above)

Some fun games:

(Liz taking a picture of herself playing a game)

Thoughtful gifts:

and... I got to wear this beautiful sun dress I bought from Zara in Ireland:

(Me, Melissa, Liz)

Thanks to everyone who was involved!!!

August 8th and 9th 2010.
I worked mostly on wedding preparations. Including making my own tulle bows to put on the end chairs at the ring ceremony, creating the seating chart and name cards for the guests at the reception, and the little things- making sure the bridesmaids had the right bobby pins, necklaces, etc. (These to be pictured in a later post)

August 10, 2010. I went to the Washington D.C. temple with my Mom, Dad, and Aaron. I am so lucky that I got to share that experience with some of the people I love most. My good friend Rachel also came with us! We all went out for Chipotle after :)

Later on that evening Aaron's parents, Kawika (David) and Terry, Adam (his twin brother) and Ammon (his youngest brother) flew in from Hawaii. It was so exciting for us to see them. It had been over a year for me since I had seen them last! Since we had the addition put on the house we invited the Eskarans to stay with us. What a good decision that was! We got to spend so much more time with them than we would have if they all stayed in a hotel. (I guess we were too busy to take any pictures!)

August 11, 2010. The Eskarans went to go tour around Washington D.C. None of them had ever visited Maryland, DC, or Virgina before. Mom and I went out to do some girl things, i.e. hair cut and wax.

We all met up at the reception venue for a very hot and productive ring ceremony rehearsal. Thanks to the Zarefoss' for jumping in last minute as flower girl and ring bearer, and taking some photos! Also, big thanks to Lenore for jumping in a duet with Liz. And last but not least, big thank you to Danielle, Mom, and Aaron's Dad for preparing beautiful words for the ceremony. We were all relieved after the rehearsal, finally understanding everything that was to happen.

(All photos courtesy of Kurt Zarefoss)

We took the Eskaran's to our favorite hamburger place-- 5 guys, and met up with Aaron's sister Diane and her husband Jerrol. All FOURTEEN of us went back to my house for the night :) It really was a lot of fun having everyone there.

August 12, 2010. The Franco's and the Eskaran's got up early and headed to the National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Some of you might remember my earlier post about my recently deceased grandfather. He was a purple heart veteran of WWII, and he was granted the honor of being buried in the National Cemetery. This was a dream of my grandfather. Even though he passed in April, August 12th was the first date they had available. It kind of worked out though, since half of my extended family were already in town for the wedding. The burial was very emotional. There was an incredible trumpet solo, bag pipes, and honorary gunshot firings. I will never forget it.

Afterwords, the Eskaran's went back into D.C. for day 2 of sightseeing. While my mom and I again went out to do girl things. We ate lunch at a fun Ethiopian restaurant, and then went to the spa. We each had full body massages, facials, manicures, and gel french tip nails put on. It was the first time either of us had gotten nail extensions, though expensive, it was a fun thing to try.

When we got home I greeted Jacob (Cubworld) who we had flown in to play live music at the reception. Sadly, I learned that his luggage, aka guitar, did not make it to the baggage claim! Nooooo! Luckily, a couple hours later, southwest found his luggage, and delivered it to our house during the night :)

Also, the flowers I had ordered from to make the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres had arrived at my house, and my bridesmaids had cut all the stems and put them in water. Unfortunately the light pink roses arrived slightly browned!!!! At this point all we could do was tear off the dead petals, and try to choose the best ones. My bridesmaids were very sweet and helpful during this stressful process. The kit came with floral tape, pins, greenery, and baby's breath. We made it work! Wow. That was a long day. But the next two days were even longer! And that's why they will be in a separate post!

P.S. I know this is almost obnoxiously long... but I haven't written it down in a paper journal, and I want to remember everything. This is as much for me as you :)