Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, if you've been keeping up with my posts, you know that I intended about blogging about the actual days of the wedding, the reception, and our week in Hawaii. And... it's been such a huge task that I've just been putting it off. And, realistically, if you are reading this blog you are already friends with either me or Aaron on FB and you've already seen a million wedding photos. I know photos are the cool parts of blog posts, but I'm just going to quickly summarize the events of the wedding in text... so we can move on to stories in our current life!

1) Some funny things about our wedding day at the temple:

a) The temple was officially closed. The power had gone out the night before due to a bad thunder storm. The temple had limited electricity by way of a generator. They only had it open for planned weddings. The a/c was NOT on, so it was pretty hot in there. And, there was no way to heat up the curling iron for last minute touch ups. In the end, none of it really mattered. And we just found it really funny that the power was out, and the temple was "closed" on our Friday the 13th Wedding.

b) There was a mysterious black spot on my wedding dress. See, I had taken my dress as a carry-on from the plane from SLC to BWI, and I actually hadn't looked at it before the wedding. My advice to future brides: make sure you look at your wedding dress and make sure it's good to go a couple days before the wedding. Anyway, as soon as my Mom unzipped the bag the dress was in she saw a huge black spot on the front of the gown! This is every bride's worst nightmare! People were waiting for Aaron and I to exit, and I was having a breakdown about a huge ugly spot on my wedding dress. Apparently, the bag my dress was in was a little too porous. It wasn't plastic, it was fabric, and the dirt from the belt it was placed on to go through security on the airport went THROUGH the bag and onto my dress!!! After tears, and fixing make-up I got my dress on. I could see the spot, but the show had to go on. I called the spot mysterious because when we exited the Temple, my bridesmaids honestly could not see it! The natural light was very forgiving :) AND it didn't show up in any pictures.

2)Some funny things about our Reception:

a) We didn't write our "vows." During our ring ceremony Aaron and I exchanged a few heartfelt words about each other. Ever since we began planning the ceremony I had planned on writing out what I was going to say. Aaron insisted that he would just make it up on the spot. The entire idea of that just made me nervous! I knew I had to write it out. Somehow, however, time got away from me. The morning of the reception I had a 3x5 card and a pen in the bride's room to write down some notes. I actually finished getting ready before I needed to go walk down the aisle, however, everyone thought it'd be a good idea to take some pictures during that extra time. I was happy to take pictures, but became a little worried that I wouldn't have much time to write down what I was going to say. Lo and behold, I had NO time to write anything down. Not only was I nervous because I was about to walk in front of 100 people staring at me, I was nervous because I had no idea what I was going to say to Aaron in front of those 100 people! Of course, it all worked out in the end. It was very heartfelt, you can see me tearing up in the video. We just love each other so much!

b)I thought the reception was over an hour early. We planned out our reception timing with our wonderful MC. We had each part outlined and on a time schedule: introductions, toasts, eating, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, first dance, parents dance, every one dance. Everything was going as planned. We were having fun on the dance floor, and I realize that the last song on my play list for the dancing came on. I shouted out, "last song everyone!" When my friends nearby kindly pointed out the reception still had another hour!!!!! HAHAH. I don't know if any other bride in history thought her wedding should be over an hour early. It was so weird that we got in everything we needed to, and had time to spare! Fortunately I had Aaron prepare a 3 hour long play list of house music that we both enjoy. I had Aaron put on the house music and we continued to talk to our guests and just hang out. It worked out for the better since many of my guests had to get going since they traveled to the wedding from far away, and the crowd wasn't super young and dancey.

c) We pretended to leave at the end. Since we had guests that had to leave early, and we had some extra time, we decided to make our exit from the reception a little sooner than planned. The bridal party passed out the bubbles and we made our exit. Only to drive around for 10 minutes and come back to take some more pictures at the venue before we got kicked out :)

Being in Hawaii was AMAZING. On the next post I'll go into some detail about what we did, and include some never before seen photos for you guys! After that I think we'll be caught up to real time :)

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