Friday, October 15, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii

We were met at the HNL airport by two fabulous ladies, Kristen and Ava, and my new brother in law David. David brought Aaron and I fresh lei's :) We were so excited to see them there, especially this little princess:

We went to the beach as much as possible. We only pulled out our camera a couple times. Here's a pic of us at one of our favorite beaches, Waimea:

Both of our families met up to see this beautiful sunset in Haleiwa:

Me and this little one hit it off :)

I just love the ocean.

Liz and I enjoyed ourselves at sunset beach as well:

We enjoyed some AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS food at "Da Kitchen" in Honolulu. Thank you Jerrol for taking us there.

For an appetizer we had deep fried spam musubi:

Aaron had an enormously delicious LocoMoco:

And I had lovely Fish Tempura:

All in all, the portions were generous and the food was just so gosh darn tasty! We definitely recommend it.

Thanks to Diane and Jerrol, Aaron and I got to try stand up paddle boarding! We really enjoyed it. This could definitely be a future hobby of ours.

And, as always, we gawked at the unique mountains:

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