Friday, November 5, 2010

My smile today

Some things that are making me happy today:
  1. I improved my GMAT practice test score last night.
  2. I don't feel really sick anymore.
  3. It's Friday!
  4. I'm going to play tennis after work with Gill today.
  5. It's still nice enough to play tennis.
  6. I'm going to watch Modern Family with Aaron tonight.
  7. I'm going to finish making our wedding album online tonight.
  8. I'm hopefully going to hang out with Liz tomorrow.
  9. The canvas I ordered should be printed and shipped out soon. 

And the icing on the cake:
10. Last night Aaron woke me up and he said, "Here," holding his fingers together, "Open your hand." I confusingly asked, "What?" He then said, "Here's your magic bracelet." Of course I started laughing like crazy, and asked him what he was dreaming about. He didn't respond and went back to sleep, when I persisted to try and talk to him he started getting mad. This morning he didn't even remember any of it! I found out this morning that the Superman Comic he was reading last night had a part in it where a guy got a special bracelet that gave him powers like Superman, or something like that... so apparently Aaron was dreaming about the comic he read last night at 2 am doing laundry. Haha, isn't he cute? I can't help but smile and laugh when I think about it.


  1. I love hearing sleep talking stories! They are always too funny.

    We are looking forward to hanging out with you guys in a few weeks.

  2. hahaha i still laugh when ever i think about this.