Saturday, November 13, 2010


Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?!

Aaron I are were so excited to get our canvas print in the mail today. It's 2 feet by 3 feet. AND to top it off it arrived on our 3 month wedding anniversary! (I know I technically shouldn't use the word anniversary since I'm not talking about years... but it gets my point across in the most concise wording possible...)

Of course I think I'd be happy with most any canvas print, but Aaron is much more particular. He looked over the print very carefully and was quite impressed with it's quality. Yay! The photo is from our reception in Hawaii, by Marina Miller. And we ordered it through a groupon I bought from Canvas on Demand. (If any of you keep up with me on facebook you know that I'm completely obsessed with groupon... but it's so worth it!)

(Click the photo to see the detail)

 We hung it right above our bed :)

In other news, Aaron also received a very special package yesterday. A new lens for his camera! This lens focuses like a microscope, it's crazy. Check out some of his recent work with this lens.


  1. I just finished a photo project for my house.... I should have probably gone canvas on a couple shots... Framing is so expensive. Looks awesome though

  2. so jealous of the lens....lucky ducks:)

  3. So . . . did he get a sharp copy? Very curious.

  4. Hi, do you live in HI? Groupon is having the same deal again and I'm just wondering if shipping was really included in your price or if you had to pay more:)

  5. Sorry I didn't see that last post until now. It covered a certain dollar amount, I think we paid shipping since it was over that amount. And we had it shipped to UT... so.. I'm not sure about HI. Sorry!