Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Engaged!!!

When it happened

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How we got engaged

Aaron asked Johanna to go on a photoshoot to Utah lake. She said No; it was getting kind of cold outside and the sun had just about set. Aaron persisted, but then said that it was o.k. if they didn't go. Johanna thought Aaron might be planning to propose... and decided to go on the excursion. On the way to the lake Johanna's mom called, and Jo talked to her mom on the phone the entire drive. Due to this fact, Johanna was not able to talk to Aaron and find out if he was nervous or not. Once they got to the lake Aaron got out of the car and starting taking some pictures. Johanna was still on the phone. Jo thought that Aaron must not be planning to propose since he didn't even ask her to get out of the car. Aaron got back in the car and drove to a different spot on the pier. He then asked Johanna to get off the phone so he could take some pictures of her before it got too dark. She came out of the car, wearing Aaron's sweater over her church clothes. Aaron took some pictures and even joked about proposing, but said he didn't have the ring anyway. This definitely made Johanna think he wasn't actually going to propose. Johanna then proceeded to go back into the car because she was getting chilly-- and Aaron didn't stop her. Johanna was actually getting kind of annoyed, because she kept thinking he was going to, and then he wasn't. Aaron put away his camera and opened up the passenger car door to talk to Johanna-- which was kind of odd. As Aaron spoke Johanna realized that something was going to happen. He just got that look on his face... and knelt down, and asked her to marry him! She said yes.

The scenery was gorgeous!! While standing on the "pier" aka dirt road with rocks on either side, one is surrounded by mountains. Since the sun had gone down the mountains were all reflecting off of the lake, as were the lights that progressively became brighter on the water. It was a prefect picture, and the closest we could get to an ideal-hawaiian-beach proposal :)

Aaron and Johanna dated for two years and four months before getting engaged!