Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aaron's Bands: Part I, Upstanding Youth

I feel like a lot of my readers don't really know my fiance Aaron very well, so I thought it would be nice to spotlight each of the bands Aaron participates in.

Aaron has played trumpet and sang back up vocals in Upstanding Youth for many years. He has seen different band members come and go, and even the band's name change. This is a ska/punk/reggae band. Simply awesome! If you want to have a good time and jump around and dance-- go see Upstanding Youth. The band members all reside on Oahu, Hawaii. So you'll have to travel quite a bit to check them out live. BUT of course they are on itunes for purchase. Aaron has worked on the album art for the past couple of self released albums. They are so much fun and I strongly recommend everyone to go check out their myspace/website to sample their music.



The lead singer, Marc Allred, is energetic and a great writer. He, I believe, is the glue of the band. An amazing guy. He also has a cute wife and two children. Thomas Robertson, the drummer, is the skinniest drummer with unbelievable endurance. He plays the drums very well for hours at a time. He also has a cute wife and two children. Aaron's twin brother Adam plays saxophone. He is married to my future sister Kristen, and they have an adorable daughter Ava! Tim Goshi also plays sax in the band. The brass instruments are a blast. And last but not least, Demitri Marmash is the bass player. He also has a professional recording studio in his house! He has a great ear for music.

Since Aaron has been in Utah for the last couple of years UY has continued to play without the trumpet. They miss him of course, and they even flew Aaron out to Hawaii to play with Reel Big Fish. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my family and I will be able to see Upstanding Youth Live in Hawaii this August! They are an awesome band with awesome people!