Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who's Aaron??

I love Aaron. I love the few precious photos I have of him when he was little. As a twin, Aaron is often pictured with Adam. Can you tell who is who?

(Photo 1)

(Photo 2)

On a side note, the other two kids in the second picture - Diane and David - will be visiting Aaron and I next week!!!!!!! We're really excited to see them again, and show them what Utah has to offer :)


  1. I hope y'all got paid proper royalties from McDonalds for that last one. Those are great.

  2. Photo 1: Adam with the big Cheesball grin?
    Photo 2: Adam in Red, Aaron in Blue?
    the top one is tough because of the big cheeser.

  3. Aaron's actually the one on the right with the huge grin in the first photo!

    and yeah, aaron is in the blue mcdonalds shirt in the second one.