Friday, March 18, 2011

I haven't eaten in 10 days.

Really? Yes. From March 8-17th I didn't eat any food. I did the Master Cleanse, a.k.a the lemonade diet (which has been around since 1940).

Why? Remember my post about eating healthily? Well, I was serious. In one of the documentaries I watched, one of the ladies said that we need to get all of the chemicals/toxins (bad stuff) from our prepackaged and chemically treated foods out of our bodies to maximize the benefits of healthy organic and raw food... That makes sense, right? And, I'm not gonna lie, after eating out almost daily with Diane and David I was feeling full of unhealthy food, and really wanted to have my body "start over."

How did you find out about it? I asked my older sister Melissa (who works at Whole Foods in Charlottesville, VA) what she knew about cleanses. There are many ways you can go about cleaning your body. One way is to just start eating healthily. Choose organic foods. Choose to eat raw foods. It's a good place to start, but you can take it further. My parents did a natural/herbal pill cleanse. You simply take natural supplements that promote health of different organs. These options sound great, but I wanted to take it even further. And that's where the Master Cleanse comes in.

What do you do exactly? You drink 6-12 glasses of "lemonade" a day for at least 10, and no more than 40, days. You also need to take some sort of natural laxative, (gross sounding, I know), to get everything out of your body.

Just Lemonade? It's not regular lemonade. You make it by juicing organic lemons, adding organic grade B maple syrup (straight from the tree), and organic cayenne pepper.

Did it taste good? Not particularly. I found that I liked a little more lemon juice and a little less cayenne than the recipe called for. 

Were you hungry? Surprisingly, No. And that's because lemons are one of the most nutrient rich foods out there (measured with the number of vitamins and minerals you get out of them). Grade B maple syrup is darker and more nutrient rich than grade A, and it surprisingly has a lot of vitamins and minerals too. Pairing these two ingredients is effective. Your body receives all the nutrients it needs, so you are not hungry. Of course, you must be mentally prepared to do this cleanse/diet.

Did you lose weight? Yes. People who are overweight/obese lose weight drastically on this cleanse. People who are underweight won't really lose anything. Your body is just barely getting what it needs, so your weight will move toward the ideal weight for your body. I don't have a scale, and I didn't take any measurements of my waist, hips, etc. I wish I did though. Aaron and I are guessing I lost somewhere between 5-10 pounds. Not a lot, but it puts me back to my high school weight I think. It's funny how a few pounds have crept onto me throughout the last few years.

What was the hardest part? On the first day it was really hard for me to drink enough of the lemonade mixture, I put more cayenne in than I really cared for. During the next few days it was hard watching everyone else eat except me, but I was doing this willfully, and just kept thinking about getting healthier. On the last couple of days I was really sick of the lemonade taste, it was hard only having one taste for so long. So on the last day I started drinking some orange juice as well (to prevent dehydration).

Any tips? Yes. (1) Make sure you don't refrigerate your lemons, it kills some of the nutrients you want to drink. (2) Make enough of the mixture to last you for the whole day. The last thing you want to do is go somewhere with out the mix! If I ever started to feel a little hungry I'd drink the lemonade and immediately feel better. It would have been much harder if I didn't always have it by me. (3) Keep your mind on the goal, your body can handle much more than 10 days, you can do it. You just have to make sure you really want to.

How do you feel? I feel great! And I felt great on the cleanse too. No headaches, nausea, or fatigue. I played tennis twice during my cleanse (though I didn't do as well as usual the second time I played, on day 8). Seeing my stomach and love handle area shrink also made me feel wonderful - just an added bonus to getting the inside of my body cleaner.

In celebration of my completed cleanse I had Aaron take a few pics of me, and I edited them all by myself! Haha. Enjoy :)


  1. Johanna! You look so great! I am doing this in April and loved reading about your experience.

  2. Wow! You are amazing! Maybe I will try it after I finish school.

  3. that's so cool! can you facebook me a link with more info/recipe? I doubt I would have the willpower to do it but I want to

  4. I sure can - anna what's your last name? i know a few different people named anna.

  5. This is awesome! I wish I had the willpower :(

  6. you looked way good already jo! but i like that this is for health reasons. you might have convinced me to try it! i just love food so much though.

  7. girls - don't get me wrong, i love food too! each of you can do this if you really want to. you just take one day at a time, and you'll be surprised how quickly time passes. you just have to keep in mind that this is temporary, and you can still eat your favorites later on, just try to get your favorites in organic form and don't overeat them :)

  8. oh and that was anna wagner haha. i was just reading this again cause now i want to do it. i don't know if you got my last comment if it posted or not. i don't think it did. I just said that I am planning on doing it but to me it sounds impossible and if you had tips for dealing with the psychology of it. I'll be going from a very high calorie diet (traveling in europe) to this so I just hope I can do it!!