Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old News

Aaron's sister Diane and brother David came to visit us for about 10 days or so in February. We were really happy to have them with us. It was especially cool b/c it was David's first time to Utah, and his first time seeing snow! Luckily for them it snowed a few times while they were here, and we went snowboarding 3 times :)

I say this is old news because I uploaded a bunch of pics to facebook a couple weeks ago. Here's a short summary of the things we did with them:
  1. Drove through Provo Canyon/Park City
  2. Visited Temple Square in SLC
  3. Ate at Vinto - one of Aaron's favorite Italian restaurants
  4. Went shopping
  5. Ate at Cafe Rio - Mexican cuisine (good burritos/salads) 
  6. Went to a BYU basketball game and saw THE JIMMER
  7. Diane and David went and did indoor skydiving!
  8. Ate at Koi - Japanese cuisine 
  9. IChat with Adam, Kristin, Ava and Noah
  10. Diane and Dave did a tour of BYU
  11. Ate at Tucanos - Brazilian buffet
  12. Went to Utah Lake and saw ice floating everywhere
  13. Ate at Diegos - Mexican cuisine (with good nachos)
  14. Saw Tron in 3d
  15. Ate at Gurus - "American" cuisine
  16. Went to Church
  17. Ate some of Dave's famous homemade ribs!!!
  18. Went to see Y mountain
  19. Ate at Gloria's Little Italy
  20. Went to IKEA
  21. Snowboarding at Sundance
  22. Snowboarding at Sundance
  23. Snowboarding at Sundance - this time Liz and Steve came and skied with Diane
We also managed to get a few photos of the four of us:

    Now if only they'd come back! Hawaii is so far...


    1. I love visiting family! It looks like you guys really showed them a great time. Fun!

    2. Looks like so much fun. Especially all of the eating at delicious places!