Saturday, April 30, 2011

9 of the last 13 weekends

have been devoted to The Vibrant Sound and Cubworld. These are the two bands Aaron plays in. 

For 9 of the last 13 weekends Aaron has been in:

St George
Las Vegas

These shows require overnight travel (mostly because they have out-of-town shows booked on Friday and Saturday night) so I've been looking for new things to do on the weekends. So far I:

sleep in
go to the gym
go shopping
watch movies on netflix instant
watch tv shoes on hulu
play lots of solitaire

Any other ideas of fun things to do for one? (And by fun that does not mean cleaning, getting another job, etc) Maybe someone else's husband is gone a lot of the time too?

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  1. Read, Start a sewing project-either with a sewing machine or by hand, cross-stitch, have a girls night, service, go to the temple...