Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking NEWS!!

Ok, in my last post I told everyone about how to get free money/stuff. This post is about a little known shopping secret! I learned this thanks to my little sister Liz, who recently started working at Journey's Kids (a shoe store).

The secret:
A girl's shoe size 6 is a women's shoe size 8-9! 

This might leave you feeling like, ok.... and? But really, I'm letting you in on a big thing here. Girl's shoes are waaaaay cheaper than women's!!

For example, normal women's leather Sperry topsider shoes cost $75. The ones at Journey's Kids in a girl's size 6 was $55 - and they fit me! Would I like to save $20 for the same exact shoe? Heck yes.

To go even further, regular Journey's had a white canvas Sperry w/sequin on it for $75, but the same shoe was only $35 at Journey's Kids! Would I like to save a whooping $40?!? I think you know the answer.

Since my sister got me an amazing discount I got both the Sperry shoes, plus a pair of girl's size 6 summer sandals.

In summary:
Everyone knows someone who can save a bunch of money on shoes by shopping at kid's shoe stores.

Most women are a size 9 or below, and even if you're a guy reading this - you know a girl who would benefit from this knowledge. And you know what makes this news even better? There are really cute shoes in kids stores!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Money.


I signed up for swag bucks about a month ago. You can download their search bar and you can win swag bucks for searching with it. You can also earn swag bucks by participating in the daily poll questions, checking out some surveys, and buying groupons through their website. Basically, you do stuff you already do through swag bucks and you make a little money on the side. It's not a lot, but hey, it's free.

In a month's time I've redeemed $20 to They have lots of different giftcards you can redeem, and they all cost a different number of swag bucks. You might as well check it out. Here are the 2 things I'm getting for free:

yay for cool free stuff!