Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking NEWS!!

Ok, in my last post I told everyone about how to get free money/stuff. This post is about a little known shopping secret! I learned this thanks to my little sister Liz, who recently started working at Journey's Kids (a shoe store).

The secret:
A girl's shoe size 6 is a women's shoe size 8-9! 

This might leave you feeling like, ok.... and? But really, I'm letting you in on a big thing here. Girl's shoes are waaaaay cheaper than women's!!

For example, normal women's leather Sperry topsider shoes cost $75. The ones at Journey's Kids in a girl's size 6 was $55 - and they fit me! Would I like to save $20 for the same exact shoe? Heck yes.

To go even further, regular Journey's had a white canvas Sperry w/sequin on it for $75, but the same shoe was only $35 at Journey's Kids! Would I like to save a whooping $40?!? I think you know the answer.

Since my sister got me an amazing discount I got both the Sperry shoes, plus a pair of girl's size 6 summer sandals.

In summary:
Everyone knows someone who can save a bunch of money on shoes by shopping at kid's shoe stores.

Most women are a size 9 or below, and even if you're a guy reading this - you know a girl who would benefit from this knowledge. And you know what makes this news even better? There are really cute shoes in kids stores!!


  1. holy cow, liz is genius--this is awesome!

  2. :) so happy we discovered this!

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  4. HOORAY! I had no idea! This is awesome!