Thursday, June 9, 2011

And that's why I had a fun weekend :)

If you live in Utah I highly recommend purchasing the Pass of All Passes. There is one for Salt Lake and one for Utah county. Right now you can get the pass for $49.95 from city deals. If you haven't heard of city deals before you have to check it out. (Click and sign up! Then login and search for the pass) Unlike  groupon/living social they have tons of deals everyday, and they stay on sale until they sell out. They have restaurants/spas/activities/etc on there. I guarantee you'll find something you'd like to save on.

But enough of that... on to my weekend!

It was finally warm enough to go to the pool on Saturday! The pass includes unlimited access to Seven Peaks Water Park. It's probably about a 10 minute walk from our house. Me, my ipod, the sun, and the wave pool had a great time! Aaron came and joined me too. After that we got lunch and got ready to go out. The pass also includes access to Trafalga (both the Lehi and Orem location). We went to the one in Lehi and did the go-carts. I totally crushed Aaron! Of course I was in a one-seater and he was in a two-seater, so he would argue I had an unfair advantage... Then we did the rock climbing wall. Yet again I kicked Aaron's butt! (Yeah I can be pretty competitive). I haven't done rock climbing since middle school probably, it was really fun and my forearms were super tight after! Next up - putt putt! And the cool thing was Aaron and I both go hole-in-ones! So I guess that one was a tie. Trafalga also has laser tag and batting cages that we will have to check out soon. To end the evening we used a coupon/deal I had for dinner.

We had a fun filled day and paid barely nothing. I like days like that. (We didn't remember to take any pictures though)

(P.S. The pass also includes tickets to all Owlz Baseball and Flash Basketball home games for the year, so I'm sure we'll go to one sometime)

On Sundays we teach 5 year olds at church. They're really cute. This past Sunday the lesson was short and it was really easy since only 3 kids showed up. After church Aaron and I took a drive to the Uinta mountains, about 1.5 hours away. We drove through canyons and saw gorgeous lakes/rivers and landscaping in general. We love enjoying the beauty of the earth together. And we have to admit, Utah can be gorgeous! Aaron got a few amazing shots, enjoy:

Uinta Forest, Utah

I spotted a Moose grazing in a field

Kamas friend

Over looking Jordanelle park