Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving to Hawaii: details.

Moving is a very bittersweet concept to Aaron and I. We have some great friends in Utah who will be greatly missed (understatement!).

Let me give you curious folks some background on how this decision came to fruition. 

A few months ago I was talking to Aaron about how we'd live in Hawaii sometime in the future. I told him that I wouldn't want to live in Hawaii and never see my family because it'd be too expensive for either party to pay for travel every year. I have to work for an airline, I thought. That led me to, I figured their corporate office was in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I was right! I started looking at job openings and thought I saw some I might be qualified for.

I started filling out an application on their website, but realized that this huge company (4000+) probably wouldn't pay much attention to a random girl living in Utah who may not be the most qualified applicant. I needed an in!! 

I searched "Hawaiian Airlines" on Linkedin - seriously, if you don't use this website you should - and found that one of Aaron's friends is friends w/a guy who now works for Hawaiian. I got introduced via Linkedin! This guy was gracious enough to pass my resume around to people in the marketing department. One of his friends graciously called me and told me about a position she thought I'd be good in. She passed my resume to her boss.

I did a couple of phone interviews in June w/Hawaiian. I was super excited! But I didn't hear back from them in July, so I figured they had filled the position. I called and left a few messages asking for an update with no response. A few days later my future boss calls me and asks if I can fill out some answers to a quiz, that basically asks how I would handle certain situations at work. I sent my answers in the next day, and then had another phone interview with my boss' boss.

The next thing I knew they wanted to FLY ME TO HAWAII for an on-site interview!!!!! That kicked things up a few notches. I was so excited to have a free flight to Hawaii for the weekend. I read a 400 page book about interviewing and slept about 3 hours before having 4 different interviews within 24 hours of leaving Salt Lake. I had a verbal offer that day and a written one on Monday morning. I accepted it on Tuesday and I'll start work on September 14th!!! I'll be working as an account executive over Hawaiian Airlines' partners for their HawaiianMiles rewards program - which I could have an entire post about.


We are excited to live around Aaron's family, enjoy the most beautiful scenery we could ever imagine, FLY FOR FREE/CHEAP, and most of all -- go to the beach! 

(and spend time with this little monster)
We're sad to leave our friends and family members. We have siblings, study abroad friends, college friends, mission friends, friends from back home, coworkers,  band members, and just cool people who we love here in Utah. We will miss them dearly and encourage all of them to visit!! (And stay tuned for good-bye party details).


  1. so cool jo! that is going to be amazing! i am way happy for you guys but we'll miss seeing you around and the band will not sound the same without aaron's pipes!

  2. That is awesome! What will you be doing for your job?

  3. I am so happy for you two! And excited to have another reason to get ourselves back over there! Congrats on the new job! Good luck with the move!! ALOHA!!