Friday, September 2, 2011

Honolulu Address!

Yay!!! I'm so excited that we have a place to live in Hawaii. Things are starting to come together... movers are coming next week, our car will be in Honolulu by the time we get there, we have a place to live, and our big stuff will show up a week or two later.



  1. That looks like a big step up from these apartments! We wish you guys all the best and hope you have a great time there! Let us know if you need help with any big items that Byron can help you move.

  2. Wow, your apartment looks great! It's all happening so fast! Can't believe you guys are moving so soon. I miss you already... even though we don't even live by you. But now you'll be even further!

  3. Thanks Brianna - I hope your pregnancy is going alright. I'm sad that I won't see your baby girl before she's born! Good luck!

    Michelle - you guys know lots of people in Hawaii... so we hope to see you again soon!