Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Made It!

Sorry for the week and a half long delay... but we made it to Hawaii! You might have seen some of these updates on my Facebook, but here's a little summary of what we've done so far...

We left Salt Lake on September 11th, which felt weird. And ironically the security didn't make Aaron take his external hard drives out of his backpack like they usually do.

We made it to Honolulu around 5:30 pm, Aaron's mom and sister picked us up from the airport. We went to his sister's house and her husband made the whole group (11 adults) some yummy alfredo pasta. We took the picture below after:
I'm home with my family!
From left to right: Ammon (youngest Eskaran - 16), Jerrol (married Diane), Diane (Aaron's younger sister), Dad (aka Kawika), Mom (aka Terry), Jessie Ahuna (David's fiance), David (Aaron's younger brother), Kristen (married Adam), Baby Noah, Adam (Aaron's twin), Me, Aaron, Ava!

The next day we were off to pick up our car! We then came to our new apartment to get the keys.  Then... off to the beach! We went to Aaron's beloved Pounders:
We played in the ocean (Diane, Adam, and Ammon too). It was fun :)

On Tuesday we got the new title/registration/plates for the car, followed by some shopping for household items.
Wednesday was my first day at work!!

Today actually marked my first completed work at Hawaiian Airlines. I'm really starting to understand the position now (account executive over the sky miles partners). I'm really happy and excited about it!

Pretty much every night we've done something with someone in the family. We have a lot of catching up to do! I'll have to get a little better about taking more interesting photos...

Our household items that we shipped should arrive next week! Yay! We're almost moved in :)

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