Sunday, November 13, 2011

Private Airplane Ride - 1920s model!

Working for Hawaiian Airlines has its perks. Besides free travel, employees can sign up for a free hour long flight on the plane that started Hawaiian Airlines. It was called Inter-Island Airways at the time, and they flew a 1920s Bellanca plane. It's fully restored and flies weekly.

 It was just me, Aaron, and the pilot. Aaron sat in the back to balance out the weight. The engine had a little pump that you had to push to prime the engine before it would start!

We were only going about 100 mph
 Did you know you can't drive around the entire island of Oahu? Kaena point is the reason why. Not many people get to see this view:
Kaena Point
Kaena Point
Honestly we were a little scared when the plane ride began... the plane is so small! But after a few minutes we got used to it and just marveled at the gorgeous views.

That's all for now. Aloha!!