Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choreographed Song and Dance at Liz's Wedding

Liz's friends surprised her big time at her reception! Though she's trying to hide it, Liz was definitely shedding some tears from feeling all this love. It makes me smile just to watch it. Enjoy!

Batter Blaster

It was Liz's 20th bday yesterday so we went to hang out with her and Steve yesterday! It was good to see them (for the first time since their wedding since they just got back from their honeymoon!)

Since we were in Salt Lake we went to Whole Foods and picked up some yummy food. I actually saw this product on my friend's sister's blog and showed it to Aaron the other day. We saw it in the store and he really wanted to try it. See our experience below:

It was a fun activity. Though I have to say, the home-made pancakes we usually make are still 100 times better! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

An English "High Tea" themed Bridal Shower

I helped my mom and our friend Trisha put together Liz's fourth bridal shower. (I threw the first one with her friends in Utah, the Dent girls threw one in UT, some of Steve's friends threw a couple's shower in UT, and we had one in Maryland!!) Talk about a loved bride!

3 Tea cup sets

Liz and her best friends from High School

Mom and Trisha went to a special tea shop and bought the dry flavors and made tea bags :)

the sandwiches were so simple and surprisingly delicious! (egg salad, cucumber, water cress, and tuna)

3 sisters!

HOMEMADE amazing wedding themed chocolate strawberries by Trisha!!

Liz in her hat of ribbons after opening gifts :)   

Photos not included: delicious homemade English trifle by Mom, homemade scones w/jams and clotted cream by Trisha, lemon tea cookies by Mom, cream cheese stuffed strawberries by Trisha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Larry is Married!!!!!

Some of us thought this day would never come. My older brother Larry has been dating Megan for 8 years! This was a very exciting wedding because they were just so excited to be married.

Our family has loved Megan forever, and I was BEYOND excited when Larry asked me to ask Megan what her ring size was last year. They got engaged just a month before I got married in 2010. Megan was one of my bridesmaids because I anticipated that she'd be in the family sooner or later. I told Megan I was looking at bridesmaids gifts and wanted to know her ring size. I thought I totally gave it away but she said that she thought that was characteristic of me.

We love Larry and Megan so much and Aaron and I were glad that we could help them get some nice photos at their wedding in Cape May, NJ on June 24, 2011.

L and M_5

L and M_7

L and M_4