Friday, January 13, 2012

Lava Rocks and Lavender

Aaron and I have been encouraging our friends and family to come visit us these past few months. And believe it or not, people have lives and can't just go on vacation on short notice. We did manage to steal a few people away. My mom told me that she wanted to come the second week of December, when I noticed that Aaron's birthday was during her trip I had a crazy idea -- should we surprise Aaron? We figured, why not!

So mom and I secretly planned her trip. From then on I had to call our other friends while I wasn't around Aaron and tell them not to come that week, haha. I told Aaron I was supposed to meet with a friend and went to the airport to pick up my mom (so sneaky). When I came back and Aaron saw us walking toward him his jaw literally dropped, and then he smiled and hugged my mom for a few minutes. To give you some background, Aaron's a huge family guy. And he hit it off with my entire family from the moment he first met them back in 2008. He had been asking when my mom would come visit (because he knew that she would want to), and I just told him...I don't know, I guess she's busy. I'm guessing not all wives have the luxury of surprising their husbands with a trip from their mom... and for that to be a happy thing... but it most certainly was for us!

Parents of airline employees have access to unlimited stand-by travel, so we figured we'd take advantage of it. Not only did we go around to different parts of Oahu that my mom hadn't been to yet, we also went to see the volcano on the big island of Hawaii, and we went to a lavender field in Maui.
Hanauma Bay - Oahu snorkel spot
In front of the Lava Tube on the Big Island

It was drizzling for half the time (not cold... just wet)
The Lavender field in Maui is up on a hill
Gorgeous views
We did a bunch of other stuff too. I signed up my mom and I for a Bellanca flight. When we got there I saw the CEO of Hawaiian Airlines... yeah... he was the pilot for the plane rides that day! It's a hobby of his. Ha! AND he let my mom fly the plane!!!!! All of the photo/video from that is on her camera, it's definitely something I'll never forget. We also got some pineapple ice cream at the Dole plantation and went to Pipeline beach right after the masters competition. We went out to a nice dinner for Aaron (and Adam's) birthday and made Christmas cookies. It was a very fun visit and it, like most good things, sadly came to an end. We're excited for Mom to come back, and for her to bring more family members with her!

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