Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rewind: Halloween in Waikiki

I posted this video multiple times. But that's just because every one will enjoy it! ...and my husband spent 3 sleepless nights to create it. We went out for two nights (Saturday before Halloween and the actual Halloween night on Monday). Aaron had two of buddies come out and shoot video too, so he went through 3 times the footage! I love the fast paced video with all of the crazy costumes. Check it out:

It was suuuuuper packed on Halloween! See if you can spot the completely naked man (with cardboard and tape over his... yeah)

Aaron didn't dress up b/c he was filming... lame excuse. Here are my two outfits (make-up by my husband!)
Dia de los Muertos Skull + Cool sequin jacket
"Cat" with simple makeup
Ears/Tail were added...not pictured.

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