Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't you wish your husband was __________?

I post Aaron's work all of the time, but I'm not sure if that really counts as bragging, or just sharing. I think my time to brag is way overdue! Since Aaron's talents lay in the art world they're much easier to display and explain. There are many others of us out there who may not seem like they can do anything spectacular (yes, I put myself in that category) but we have intangible talents. That being said, I'll move on to the subject of this post...

Aaron is an artist. What kind of an artist? Well... he can draw, paint, design, photograph, film, play trumpet, and sing. Whew. And not only can he just do these things, he does each of them extraordinarily well. And when I think about things that are most important to me in life, I'm very very grateful that my husband has these particular talents.

When the time comes for us to start having kids, I know they will be some of the most photographed and recorded kids out there. Thanks to Aaron, these won't just be blurry snap shots or hours of boring footage, they will be beautiful and emotional pieces of art that we will cherish forever. I feel very lucky that I will always have these great works around to remind me of him and our life together.

When you think about it, Aaron is leaving bits and pieces of himself around for me and our future posterity. How cool is it going to be when our great grand kids can see videos, photos, and drawings that Aaron made? And hear him sing and play trumpet on stage for a whole bunch of fans? REALLY COOL!

My reflections upon a few particular works inspired this post...

 This video shows Aaron's mind and the artistic way he views the world he loves.

Pounders in Black and White from Lance and Aaron on Vimeo.

This video shows Aaron's voice. And both of us question why we didn't just go get his hair cut ;)

And I heard this song on my iPod today and thought, MAN, who wouldn't want to invite us to their wedding? Aaron made this for his friend as a gift, from the perspective of a guest, and it's so sweet.

Tim and Laci's reception from my POV from Lance and Aaron on Vimeo.

There are times when I think, why can't he just have a normal job? Something predictable?And that brings me to the title of this post. We'll always wish that someone was or wasn't what they are. But why? What's the point? You need to love the good things about people. And I certainly love the good things about Aaron.

K, I'm done... for now :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovey Dovey

I'm a fan of heart shaped stuff. There... I said it! I made two Valentine's desserts this year. I had to stagger them so we wouldn't be too overwhelmed ;)
First came the pink rice crispies
Then came red velvet whoopie pies with sweet cream cheese filling
I have to say that both desserts were a hit with me, and more importantly, Aaron too. 

Aaron outdid himself and surprised me with flowers when I woke up. He said the roses are for romance and the daisies are for friendship. So sweet. Funny thing is that the roses died really quick but the daisies still look great... ;)
He also made me a delicious steak and baked potato dinner (not pictured).

Even though this holiday mostly exists for card, floral, and chocolate companies to make money it's still fun to celebrate with your loved ones!

We went to the beach together and had some fun with the GoPro and GoPole. Aaron put together a lovey dovey video that I can't get enough of. The song is by our friend Jake (Cubworld). He sang this song during our first dance at our wedding :)

bright pink and sparkle pedicure for Valentine's
And I can't forget to mention that this was my first Valentine's ever with the sun involved. It's crazy to see that my skin actually has color in February!
at our pool

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Which of course means a whale's..."

Pardon the Anchorman quote, but that's always what comes to mind when I think about SAN DIEGO.
LDS San Diego Temple
We flew up to San Diego in January to see Aaron's friends/band members get married! And what a good looking couple they are. We enjoyed spending time with them on their special day by taking their wedding photos :)

One of my favorites
It was a perfect day for a wedding too
Some of the boys
Super cute backyard reception
And you better believe that we got some time in to get carne asada fries and stop by H&M for a little shopping!
Can't find this anywhere else... it's amazing
 Oh, and our hotel was pretty cool too, right downtown. Thanks Ed & Rachel!

Experiences like these really make me appreciate my flight benefits. We probably wouldn't have been able to go to CA for a weekend with out it, or fly first class ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

His and Hers

Aaron's made a couple more videos with his GoPro. The two below outline some of our favorite activities. Mine: stand up paddle boarding. His: getting barreled.

Disclaimer: I was thoroughly enjoying myself despite the sun induced squinting ;)

Isn't my husband cute??
Disclaimer: I'm not in this one because it was filmed when I was at work.

Now if we could only do this every day...