Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovey Dovey

I'm a fan of heart shaped stuff. There... I said it! I made two Valentine's desserts this year. I had to stagger them so we wouldn't be too overwhelmed ;)
First came the pink rice crispies
Then came red velvet whoopie pies with sweet cream cheese filling
I have to say that both desserts were a hit with me, and more importantly, Aaron too. 

Aaron outdid himself and surprised me with flowers when I woke up. He said the roses are for romance and the daisies are for friendship. So sweet. Funny thing is that the roses died really quick but the daisies still look great... ;)
He also made me a delicious steak and baked potato dinner (not pictured).

Even though this holiday mostly exists for card, floral, and chocolate companies to make money it's still fun to celebrate with your loved ones!

We went to the beach together and had some fun with the GoPro and GoPole. Aaron put together a lovey dovey video that I can't get enough of. The song is by our friend Jake (Cubworld). He sang this song during our first dance at our wedding :)

bright pink and sparkle pedicure for Valentine's
And I can't forget to mention that this was my first Valentine's ever with the sun involved. It's crazy to see that my skin actually has color in February!
at our pool

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