Friday, February 24, 2012

"Which of course means a whale's..."

Pardon the Anchorman quote, but that's always what comes to mind when I think about SAN DIEGO.
LDS San Diego Temple
We flew up to San Diego in January to see Aaron's friends/band members get married! And what a good looking couple they are. We enjoyed spending time with them on their special day by taking their wedding photos :)

One of my favorites
It was a perfect day for a wedding too
Some of the boys
Super cute backyard reception
And you better believe that we got some time in to get carne asada fries and stop by H&M for a little shopping!
Can't find this anywhere else... it's amazing
 Oh, and our hotel was pretty cool too, right downtown. Thanks Ed & Rachel!

Experiences like these really make me appreciate my flight benefits. We probably wouldn't have been able to go to CA for a weekend with out it, or fly first class ;)

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