Friday, September 21, 2012

The Vacation You'll Always Remember

I absolutely LOVED having my family out here to visit last month. One of the highlights for everyone (except Dad who wasn't feeling well) was going to the Waikiki Ocean Club. I found out about them through work, and thought it'd be a fun activity for everyone. Basically they have a two story boat anchored 300 yards from the sand, with an amazing view of Diamond Head (famous volcano crater). On the bottom level they have a covered bar/grill area that leads to a staircase into the water. They have snorkel gear, floaties, an ocean trampoline, kayaks, paddle boards, etc. On the upper level they have a sun deck, a slide, and platforms to jump off into the water. They also have music playing (as you'll be able to figure out after watching the video). We went on a Wednesday so it wasn't too crowded, which made it even better! We just got to stay out in the sun and have fun all day. What's not to love? We even saw WILD DOLPHINS! And Liz was in the water with them!!

We took our GoPro with us, and I'm sure glad we did! It's one of my favorite videos because of the people in it, and the memories it brings back. It's the first video that Aaron and I really tag-team edited. It was fun working together on it. Enjoy :)

                      Franco Family Hawaii Vacation 2012 | Waikiki Ocean Club from Aaron Eskaran on Vimeo.

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