Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girls Weekend!!

I was lucky enough for my friends from my study abroad in Italy to suggest coming to Hawaii for a mini reunion. I didn't have this blog then, but in the fall of 2008 I spent 3 months living in Italy (not 2007 like it incorrectly states at the end of one of the videos below...). I loved every second of it. And I have a million facebook albums to prove it ;) My three good friends came to visit for an extended weekend. I, of course, brought the GoPro and made a few videos of our adventures (make sure you watch in HD):

This one just makes you feel good. I had so much fun at this beach!

Here are some iPhone pics from this day:
Not many things better than an empty beach on a gorgeous day with great friends!
 Aaron took out his real camera and glidecam to help put together this video:

Erika really loved frollicing in the field ;)

And here's a recap of our snorkeling adventure at Hanauma Bay:

iPhone pics from that day:
And last, but not least, our hike to the top of Diamond Head (volcano crater). And a little bit of the blow hole we stopped at on the same day. And if you can't tell, my blonde friend in the hat is pregnant, that's why she's making faces and patting her belly in the video ;)

 iPhone pics from that day:
My pale friends did very well with their sunscreen. I'd say it was a success all around. I hope I can convince them to come next year ;)

Here's one last shot (in actual clothes) before we said our goodbyes. So glad we could do this. Miss you all!