Saturday, May 26, 2012

Na Pali Coast, Kauai Hawaii

 Hello! Aaron and I had been planning on hiking the first part of the Na Pali ever since we went to Kauai on our honeymoon without hiking shoes. At the time we didn't know when we would ever be back; we never thought it would be so soon. This past weekend the weather and our schedules aligned. We already knew that the parking situation is kind of crazy over there, so we took the first flight to Kauai at 5:30 a.m. We stopped by Foodland (grocery store) and picked up some water, musubi (spam and rice wrapped in seaweed), and ahi poke (raw fish w/seasoning). We told the worker that we were going to hike the first 2 miles of the Na Pali to the little secluded beach. He told us that we have to go see the waterfall just a couple miles from there. We thought... well maybe. We got to the beginning of the trail around 8 am, I put on my camel pack and sunglasses and was good to go. We were just in awe of the island during the first two miles of the hike. It was right along the coast and it was gorgeous. We heard some other people on the trail talking about how they were going to the waterfall. We got to the beach and figured, hey, we got out this far... might as well just go and see it. This decision doubled the length of our hike from 4 miles to 8 miles round trip. The trail to the waterfall was rocky and muddy. Sometimes the trail was very narrow along a cliff, and other times we had to cross the river/running water. I found out that I'm definitely not in shape on this hike! Haha. We didn't take any video during the hard parts of the trail... obviously we were too busy trying to make sure we were stepping safely. The anticipation of what the waterfall would look like was almost overbearing - we hadn't even seen a picture of it prior to doing the hike. I was just thinking, I hope this is worth it! When we got there I have to say that is definitely was. The height of the waterfall was just crazy! When you're right at the bottom trying to see the top you get dizzy because it's so tall. It reminded me of looking at the top of buildings in New York City. The water at the waterfall was absolutely FREEZING. But my sweaty, swollen, and tired body was actually okay with it. I was a little scared about getting leptospirosis from the fresh water... so I made sure I closed my eyes and mouth real tight under the water ;) I'm glad we brought the GoPro on the hike, it's lightweight (unlike Aaron's 7D) and we got this really cool video out of it (thanks to Aaron's editing).

The 4 miles back to the car were noticeably more difficult than the first 4 miles in. Since we weren't really planning on doing that long of a hike we ended up running out of water before the last mile, but we made it back! We ended our hike at 2 pm... 6 hours later. We took off our boots and bought some cold and refreshing vitamin water to hydrate. I don't think I've ever drunken so much so quickly. We then went to a little secluded beach we had been to on our honeymoon and rested for a bit.

Kauai is a beautiful green island that just screams vacation, and I'm so happy that we were able to go on this hike!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catch Up Time

It's been awhile! I find that most of my free time on the internet is spent on my ipad, and not the computer... hence the lack of blog posts. Tonight Aaron is at band practice so I have the computer all to myself :)

A few months ago my high school friend told me that her fiance's parents were looking for stories to include in their second edition of a book that helps people figure out how they can use social networking to find jobs. I just got a copy of the book now available for purchase. I scanned in my page below... I hope you can read it...