Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We're on TV!

Aaron and I went to the Jason Mraz concert in Waikiki a few weeks ago. We were in the 8th row, which was really close! We saw a bunch of cameras around and thought that they might be recording the concert to make a DVD. I thought it'd be really cool to buy the concert on DVD that we actually went to. Turns out they weren't recording the concert, but they were recording for a TV show. It's a new reality series about people who are selected by famous artists to be their opening act. Aaron and I are seated in the back of the first section by the stage on the left side of the middle section (when facing the stage). I'm wearing a SUPER bright orange shirt and Aaron is wearing a green shirt. You can see us in the clips below.

Opening Act for Jason Mraz Video Clip

Screen shot of us in the first clip:

We first saw Jason Mraz live in Vegas a few years ago with some of our good friends. We didn't really know too many of his songs other than his hit singles. We were so amazed by his live performance and we totally fell in love with him. There are no tricks, he is an amazing singer. We saw him again in Idaho and this was our third time seeing him. I hope there are many more to come!

Here's a clip I shot at the concert of one of our favorite songs. Can you hear Aaron harmonizing? :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My First Attempt

I mentioned in one of my last posts that Aaron and I went to the Big Island for a day to visit some of our friends who were in town. Aaron took a bunch of video with the GoPro and his 7D DSLR camera, and I had been bugging him to put together the footage in a video. He told me that I could do it and sat down with me for a few minutes to show me the basics of how to use adobe premiere. A few hours later I produced this:

Putting together the video wasn't exactly "fun" but the end result lasts so much longer than the work you have to put into it. Needless to say, I think I'll be putting together more videos in the future!

My favorite part is definitely the beginning... can never get enough of the beach! And I just love Jason Mraz's song in there :)