Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Niece and Nephew - Lucky Me!

My older sister Melissa and sister-in-law Megan were both pregnant in August when they came to visit. Melissa was much further along, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on November 8, 2012. She mostly labored at home and went into the hospital with her midwife for just an hour or two before she had her 9 lb baby boy, without the assistance of any medicine. About 5 days later the baby boy was given his name - Jonah Franklin Burgunder.
I was so excited for her, and being the baby lover that I am, I could not wait to see him! He was part of my blood too ;) I actually had a business trip planned to go to MA/FL the week before he was born, but we had to post-pone it due to Superstorm Sandy. The delay actually worked in my favor because I was able to add on a day and a half to my trip to stop over in VA to see baby Jonah (and my mom, dad, and sister) on November 16th - when he was just 8 days old! I loved every minute second I was there. The only downside to living in Hawaii is that it's so far away from my family. I cherished all the time I got! Melissa is one of those natural mothers, so beautiful to see.

Megan gave birth to Anna Renee Franco on March 17, 2013 (which is also St. Patrick's Day and my brother-in-law Steve's birthday). She was a bit smaller than Jonah (around 7lbs) and came out with a full head of hair! She looks a lot like her Daddy :) Megan did great through labor and recovered very quickly. I just couldn't wait to see them all, so I planned on doing a weekend trip to Maryland. I packed my bag and planned to leave Friday night, but I found out the flight I wanted to catch was overbooked. I worked late and was about to go home, and just said to myself... when I tell my family that I'm not going to be there on Saturday, I want to at least tell them that I saw the plane leave... Here's to hoping! So I parked at the airport and left some fruit in the car because I honestly thought I was just going to watch the plane leave. To my surprise, some people missed their flight, and I got THE LAST open seat on the plane! I was SO happy. My Dad picked me up from the airport and we met up with Larry, Megan, and Anna AND Melissa and Jonah! I got to see baby Anna when she was only 6 days old. She is much more delicate than Jonah, and really felt like my baby doll!
My brother is a huge Duke fan - so this is especially cute

I was so lucky to spend a couple of days with everyone! Well almost everyone, would have been awesome to have John/Nicole and Liz/Steve there too - but I'll take what I can get. I really loved having both new babies there. And Jonah is smiling now!

Family is the best! I'm doing what I can to convince both of these young blooming families to come visit me in Hawaii next year. Summer 2014 anyone?!?!

P.S. in case anyone was wondering the fruit in the car was in a lunch cooler bag... so it was ok when I got back ;)

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