Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Time!!!!

June 2014 - We started off the month with a fun Saturday at Shark's Cove, a popular snorkeling spot on the island. We hadn't been in a little while, and the water is always the calmest there in the summer, so it was good timing. I brought my iphone in my watershot housing and got a few fun pics.
We also flew to Kauai - the garden isle - to meet my brother and sister-in-law. My parents gave them their timeshare for the week, and we spent a long weekend with them. We love that island! It was their first time there, so we were sure to show them around to some of our favorite places, but we also got to do a couple of new things, which was fun for us. It was their first time away from their baby girl, who was a little over 1 years old at the time. I know it was hard for them, but they enjoyed the break in paradise (and my parents were having a blast with my niece!).
We hiked Kuilau Ridge Trail for the first time :)
Waterfall near Queen's Bath
We went to a nice dinner at Roy's - one of our favorites!
This is part of the Na Pali coast, as viewed from Ke`e Beach
The water at Hanalei Pier was so clear!
The gorgeous Wailua Falls :)
Waimea Canyon
Kalalau Valley - the most epic view any of us have seen in our entire lives
Here's a GoPro video I put together to summarize our time together. I sure do love seeing my family!!

July 2014 - Just a couple weeks later, my older sister came to Oahu to visit. It was also her first time leaving her 1 year old son for an extended period of time. And again, mom and dad were happy to watch him! We ate at so many of our favorite places on Oahu (having a guest is a great excuse to do that). We also found some sunflowers in bloom, went to a couple beaches, watched fireworks, played Just Dance, and more!
We saw my niece (on Aaron's side) on the 4th - she's growing up too fast!
View from The Pali Lookout
Here's the GoPro video I made of part of our time together :)

Since Melissa was around 7 months pregnant, Aaron took some maternity photos for her. I love how they turned out!
A few days after Melissa left, I followed her to my parent's house. And I got to see the two 1 year olds my sister and brother had left behind when they came to visit me! Each of them had grown up so much since I had seen them 8 months ago. They're just 4 months apart, and so cute. Last time I saw Anna she wasn't really crawling yet, and now she's starting to run! She is full of so much energy and it was super fun to hang out with her. Unfortunately Jonah had a fever, but he was still pretty sweet, and so big!
 Anna and I signing ooohs as heard in this song/video Aaron and I made of 
our family vacation in Hawaii before she was born! 
I love cuddly babies :)
I made a video on my iphone on the flight home from the clips I took of the kids (mostly Anna) over the weekend:

I love finding any excuse I can to wear these sparkly Jimmy Choo's!
My sister-in-law Megan and I went to see Bruno Mars' concert together at Hershey Park stadium. As you may recall in my last post, I went to his show in Hawaii in April. And yes, the initial purpose of this whole weekend trip was to see Bruno again, BUT it all became a reality because I'd also get to see my parents, siblings, niece and nephew :) 
Yes, I bought this hat because I knew Bruno also wore it... AND it'd be a good beach hat ;)
Fun fact - I commented on Bruno's brother (and drummer's) instagram photo that I had just flown in from Hawaii for the show that night, and he commented back to me with a thumbs up. I was telling Megan that he knew I was there, and that was pretty cool. Haha. 
We had a wonderful time. And unlike the last concert I went to of Bruno's, I took plenty of video!! (Last time I didn't check to see how full my phone storage was and I didn't have enough space to take the videos I wanted to). The Hershey Park show was the largest show they had played on the US tour so far - thirty thousand people! You really start to understand how many people that is when it takes 1 hour to get out of the parking lot, haha. Our seats were in the back, so the video I put together isn't too visually stimulating, but the sound is awesome (for an iphone). Bruno really has a strong voice.

Just a couple funny things in the video... 1) he says "we can get Hershey tonight" since we were in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but NO ONE REACTED. Which was super funny because usually fans get all excited when the artist personalizes their songs. But Hershey is such a small town and I think most people drove in (like we did) and didn't have a strong connection to Hershey. It was funny to hear Burno laugh at the lack of reaction. 2) his band mate and writing partner, Phil, sings the "oh my gosh this is great" part that sounds like a girl in The Lazy Song. Anyway, he had Phil do that part three times, and on the third time they sang in slow-motion, which sounded pretty funny.

OK, last thing for this post. we bought racks for our car and a stand up paddle board! I've been wanting one ever since we moved to Hawaii almost 3 years ago, but we were having trouble finding the space and justifying the cost. We finally went for it. Now we just need to get a second one... haha. It's a 9'x10" bamboo top, rasta colored SUP. We've only taken it in the water once so far, but we're excited to keep using it!!

Guys... it's only half way through July and this post was already super long! Haha. It's good though. We're busy and having a blast. Aloooha!

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